New Marine distributor for North America
As part of the initiative to strengthen Tranberg’s position in North America, Tranberg is proud to present W&O Supply as the exclusive distributor for this region.
Tranberg supply full range of IECEx Certified Products

Since the start , TRANBERG has designed, manufactured and supplied high quality electromechanical products for use on ships and offshore installations. Equipment capable of performing under all climatic conditions, from arctic cold to tropical heat, is a special feature for products produced by TRANBERG. High product quality and durability have been developed by TRANBERG through delivery of equipment to the demanding maritime market for the last 115 year, and for the offshore market since the beginning of the North Sea Oil & Gas history.

Tranberg AS are supplying the demanding EX market with high quality IECEx/Atex approved products within the following areas:

Tranberg wins major order with innovative lighting system for offshore helidecks.



Tranberg wins major order with innovative lighting system for offshore helidecks. 

R. STAHL AG launches a newly developed lighting system for helidecks on the market via its Norwegian subsidiary. For Tranberg AS, this is the largest order in the more than 114 years of its company history.


Waldenburg, 14 July 2015. As part of its new product initiative, our Norwegian subsidiary Tranberg AS has rolled out its innovative Circle & H Helideck Lighting Solution. When the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) released its latest standard (CAP 437) for lighting on offshore helicopter landing areas in 2013, Tranberg AS and its development partners began to work on implementing the new regulations and now offers its customers an innovative lighting solution.

Convinced by the quality of the system, a major southern UKCS Oil & Gas Operator placed an initial order for 10 helideck lighting systems with further 10 options with R. STAHL. The Operator manages a total 46 platforms in the UK sector of the North Sea and will install the first 10/20 platforms of this total with the new R. STAHL Circle and H lighting system. The quick and simple installation methods covering all helideck lighting materials as well as  low maintenance and inspection costs in particular provide a competitive edge. With the innovative lighting system, R. STAHL once again does justice to its excellent reputation as technological leader.

Besides lighting of the touchdown marking circle and the helideck identification „H“ marking, the comprehensive solution also includes the new dual colour perimeter lights. They mark the touchdown platform and give additional signals to the pilot. If gas escapes, the operator can mark the touchdown platform in red light and thus warn the pilot and close the helideck. The R. STAHL/Tranberg AS offer is completed by the new LED floodlights with numerous benefits, such as the automatic dipping of floodlights during landing to prevent dazzle.

The helideck operators affected by CAP 437 have until 2018 to implement the new regulations – in the UK sector, this would be around 300 permanently installed platforms. In addition, other countries generally follow the CAA standards. R. STAHL sees tremendous potential for retrofitting in this field over the next three years and look forward to growing strong partnerships with all involved.

Subjects lifted for Island Navigator contract at Kawasaki

Tranberg to deliver all electrical DE-ICE to Island Navigator

Island Offshore has today lifted the remaining subjects in the shipbuilding contract with Kawasaki Heavy Industries for delivery of the Island Navigator. The vessel is a combined well intervention- and tophole drilling vessel with equipment and capacity to perform a series of complicated subsea- and well operations. The vessels holds the highest dynamic positioning class, ice class (ICE-1B) as well as the highest possible comfort class.

“This is yet another milestone for Island Offshore. We have worked on the design of this vessel for three years; a project that benefit from our experience and competence within well intervention operations through the last nine years,” says Managing Director of Island Offshore Management AS Håvard Ulstein.

Island Navigator will be 169 metres long, with significant operational regularity due to the specific design of the vessel. The helicopter deck is moved towards the middle of the vessel to secure optimal landing conditions in rough weather, in such a way that crew changes are performed as planned and the operation is continued. Island Navigator will also be equipped with a built-in handling tower which secures a safe working environment during operations in harsh conditions. In addition the vessels holds the highest dynamic positioning class, ice class (ICE-1B) as well as the highest possible comfort class.

“This vessel will be a significant contribution to our service range and to Island Offshore as a company. We have great confidence in this project,” says Ulstein.

Island Navigator is designed by Rolls-Royce and is of design type UT 777. It will be built according to Mobile Offshore Unit regulations and is per definition a mobile installation.

The vessel is fully financed through Japanese finance institutions, with expected delivery in 2018/2019.

Circle and H lighting for helideck presented at Norshipping
The most advanced “Circle” & “H” (C&H) Lights for marking
Offshore Helideck Platforms presented at Norshipping 2015 , stand C03-22a